Acknowledgements, Credits, and Policies

Territorial Acknowledgement

I live, work, and play on the traditional territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən-speaking peoples, now known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, as well as, the W̱SÁNEĆ nations. As an immigrant settler, I am grateful to call this beautiful place, Abbotsford – British Columbia, my home.

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This Website

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This WordPress website hosts my bio, blogs, photo gallery, portfolio, and resume. I also use it to experiment with new technologies and theories.

Its purpose is to learn, practise, discuss, and share information and knowledge for me and others. It is also an archive of references and memories of my life and others. See below for credits and policies.

🎨 Theme

I am using a modified version of the Björk theme from Anders Norén.

🏠 Host

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This website is hosted in Canada and 100% powered by renewable energy. Learn more about the host service.

👋 Accessibility

While I continue to learn web, digital, and offline accessibility for projects I work on, I hope to practice the concepts on my website.

If you notice accessibility improvements that I could make for better compliance or if I have missed alt text on an image (OR have a better suggestion for alt text), please let me know.

See My Accessibility Statement.

Unless otherwise stated, all blog posts by me (Narada Thomas, aka Binku) that I share on this website are licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence. If code snippets are shared on this website, they are subject to the GNU GPL 3.0 licence.

However, unless otherwise stated, my photography, videography, and digital content published in the photos and works pages and subpages are copyrighted. Please contact me if you wish to use them. Some content might be available for sale in printed or digital format.

Please note that not all content on this site is by me. I have also been inspired and learned from others. If you are using or sharing work by others that I may have included on this site, please follow up with the relevant copyright holder or check their policies.

When I share others’ work on this site, I try to ensure it is in fair use and attributed equitably. I try to add attribution whenever appropriate. If I use someone else’s work or information suggested by another person, I may use their initials or first name unless I have prior permission from them to use their full name. Please let me know if there is anything of yours on this site that you feel I have inappropriately shared or attributed.

TL;DR : Otherwise stated, blog posts are CCBY-NC-SA 4.0 licenced. Contents in photos and works pages copyrighted. For others' works, I give appopirate attribution whenever possible.

Some sections on this page, such as copyright, marketing and monetization, and privacy policies, were adopted from Piper’s site.

🤑 Marketing and Monetization

I developed this website to share my bio, portfolio, experiences and knowledge. While it is not my main source of income (and I don’t want to put pressure on it at the moment), I may still include some affiliate links from other websites and sell some of my services and content, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I could earn a commission or credit (at no additional cost to you). I do not promote products or services based on our affiliation. Instead, I become affiliates for products/services I already love and use/use for myself or folks I know.

I value transparency and accountability. Thus, if I insert an affiliated link or publish a guest post, I will include a label next to the link or indicate this in the footnote of the post.

👀 Privacy

I track and store the data of my website visitors, including their IP addresses, time and date of visit, and time spent on this website.

In short, I only collect what I need to run this website and improve accessibility. I won’t sell or share any data I collect with a third party.

See our privacy policy for more information.


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My journey as the jack of many trades and this website is evolving thanks to ongoing support from family, friends, colleagues, and visitors like you. Many thanks to you all! 😘

Whew… Thank you for reading this far! Are you still there and rather want to learn about me? Check this out: